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Hi everyone, Buffy suggested that I post this question here.


Here is my question:


Since we are genetically modifing plants and animals, how can we know that it hasn't happened before? How would we detect artificial genetic manifpulation in plants and animals that we ourselves did not modify?


Is there a way to test for this?



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All commercial organisms are modified by breeding, selection, informal manipulation, or flat-out gene-gineering. Natural teosinte grass seed stored in copper vessels, plus motisure and a trace of corrosion, causes Cu-mediated oxidative chromosome fragmentation. The result is little corn. Be your own god of evolution.


Frank gene-gineering requires bulk selection of modified clones versus unmodified cells. This is done by appending a gene for antibiotic resistance. A slurry of transformed cells is plated in medium containing the lethal antibiotic. Surviving cells have been genetically modified. Gene-gineered organisms can then be ID'd by assaying for inserted resistance genes.

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