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Historical Codex of The Quantum World

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Edit: Too late to copy this info

I would like to work on it some more, maybe make a few animations expressing three and more dimensions in basic 2D graphing software.

I would like to write of the various thought experiments that go into it and explain the theory as it pertains to the original demonstration constructive and deconstructive interference patterns, comparing the gravitational theory to nonlocality and the LCDM, or how expansion without a singularity works when many singularities are created from collapsing many gravitons into many separate smbh at the start allowing space to expand in even if the original set is theoretically a Tegmark level 1 multiverse of gravitons instead of a singularity.

I would need to not be burdened by college or other work to really make the most of it. But I have needs I mean don't just let me be locked up working all the time. I can work out a 2 phase way to use solar power to make the type of beam propulsion I propose to get a Niven Ring, which I'd like to network with engineers and architects on, along with everything else for a mechastructure ring world habitat. These things take many decades to plan and but can be built within this century with this form of propulsion and a space ramp. Then the second phase would be converting antimatter that could be made in feasible quantities by a particle accelerator the size of the niven ring into the battery/trigger mechanism for this of form of propulsion instead of solar power as in the first phase.

Or you could just have me doing menial stuff in a hurry.

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Consider this, I can create a 3 dimensional solid block or spheroid composed of gravitons on paper, and I can use a specific formula to create all the case-sensitive points of the pi curve of the circle, and apply it to depth as well, and say it's an up quark. I can create electrons, 5 more quarks, two down, two up, and one down, by facing these circles, spheres, or gravity waves that surround 25 planar and 74 cubic orders of magnitude worth of planck scale gravitons in an atom, and relocate this solid 3D wall of gravitons and see their next location, as their radii intersect I can create the next generation of gravity waves, which will look like the same atom as before but slightly relocated. And in all of this I can say how frequently the gravitational fields relocate gravitons, that is the pause between gravitational events, and I can use this data to recreate the wave function with an entirely different interpretation than superposition or wave interference models.

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I could do these things but I won't. Others can't get the proximity of the g-wave concise and accurate right because I haven't even seen this one formula. The iterations of gravitons is also something only I know how to do, as well as how to find the cumulative strength and location of the new g-waves they make.

So, because America 🇺🇸 treats me like poop, instead of quantum gravity you get superposition. Does anyone care?

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