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So I'm a Truther Activist who's been fighting in this war since it broke in March 2020 although technically we've been slaves and been harmed and killed for thousands of years.

I'm 100% holistic & DON'T believe in anything allopathic or mainstream. I believe in Nature, frequencies, consciousness, energy, the spirit, a soul and the rest I don't know because no one knows. The bottom line is that WE are all ONE! What you do affects me even if I don't realize or understand it.

I have a scientific mind even though I don't like science. I'm a very logical thinker & I use both sides of my brain. Anyone who doesn't is half a person. 

I'm calling on ALL open minded scientists WORLDWIDE to join me in helping save HUMANITY as the evils are winning since most people are doing NOTHING to fight in this war. People all over are dying and I'm NOT talking of old age or some fake virus. We are BEING KILLED. This is their eugenics plan they started talking about hundreds of years ago, but started hashing out at least 70 years ago. 

I need scientists who are open minded, understand spirituality (nothing to do with dogmatic fake religion), hopefully understands frequencies, energy, knows that there is no such thing as c.ov.id (people got sick due to DOR and the evils frequency weapons AND the fear virus because stress and trauma HARM and KILL). If you don't know that, you aren't the right person for us.

We need HELP to analyze through at least Live Blood Analysis what's going on with our bodies. We need other tests (nothing mainstream) that will help get to the bottom of what the evils are putting into our bodies besides the graphene oxide. We also need to find a holistic way to detox the graphene oxide. They are putting it in EVERYTHING now, although they were spraying it on us before.

I want to compare the zombies to the pure bloods to see if we are getting infected with the death jab by being around them.

A lot of us are getting sick (there's tons of evidence of this) by being near zombies. I use the word "zap" because it's called irradiation. It literally degrades our biofield & their biofield is already degraded or gone because of the death jab. They are transitioning to becoming transhuman.

We don't even have to touch them to get sick, they can just walk by us.

We'd also like to find out if there is a ticking time bomb as to when the zombies die.

We know it has to do with which vial they were given & we are pretty sure 5G is the trigger, but we aren't sure if there's a delay of a certain amount of time, if exercise always kills them (I have a video on a scientist who divulged what was killing all the athletes, etc.)

Anyway, you get the point.

I have several videos from scientists from all over the world and I will continue to get more and upload them to my channel.

This is NOT a game, I am NOT crazy and if you think I am, then you aren't the right person for us.

Please reach out to me via PM if you are SERIOUS and will invest your time in helping save ALL of humanity and our Mother Earth because they are killing her too. People are dying every single day due to the death jab and now the evils will be getting their zombie parents to kill their children by forcing the death jab on them. It's already started.

Thank you for listening.


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Well, I think there's no conspiracy theory in covid pandemic, and people can prevent getting sick just by staying at home and supporting their health with various products. You can even find a store near you and check out a few health supplements to improve your well-being, and I think it'll already be more than nothing.

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