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Hello Guys..! My name is Kristen Emma, I am a student at the University of London and I have a part-time job in a private company.  I am a student of English literature. Our assignments are so long that we can't complete them before deadlines. so writing help is necessary for us, but we can't afford the writers because they are very expensive.


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So, you are giving out a link to help students cheat on their writing assignments?

This is a science forum, scientists take pride in their research and their papers and generally do not cheat, although crackpots do.

I have removed your spam/cheat link, but I am leaving your post up, for now, just so I can answer you and warn you against any similar posts in the future.

You must be very proud or yourself! If you ever do manage to be given a university degree, it won't be worth the paper it is printed on.

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