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Does some analogue to 'surface tension' renew the universe cyclically?


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I've been thinking about how the universe ends, and how that might trigger its rejuvenation. In the 'Big Rip', Hubble expansion accelerates, so that eventually every hypervolume of spacetime, no matter how tiny, become causally isolated from every other.

But, once these regions reach quantum-mechanically relevant scales, down to Planck scale, the quantum uncertainty of the total energy content WITHIN any such hypervolume climbs astronomically, until there is at least as much needed to start a new Big Bang. And since time become unmeasurable within any such hypervolume, the probability of the energy being able to start a new Big Bang rises to unity, ins ALL such hypervolumes. So we'd get perhaps an infinite number of new, causally isolated universes for the price of the death of one. But now INFLATION kicks in. It expands the universe at much greater than the speed of light, which was how regions within the PREVIOUS universe all became causally isolated from each other in the first place. But now we're looking at what happens 'between' universes- I've been wondering whether inflation of these individual microuniverses is fast enough to reconnect them all causally. So we consolidate until there eventually is just one big universe.

An analogy can be found in the way that water droplets or soap bubbles behave. Tiny droplets and soap bubbles have very large surface tensions, and will merge together if in contact. This reduces the surface tension (and contact angle if any), making the resulting object happier (lower energy). But at the other end of the continuum, we have very large water drops and bubbles, with very low surface tension and low contact angle. These often will break up, which increases the surface tension and contact angle. So apparently these objects are happiest in the middle of the range of surface tensions and contact angles. Perhaps a cyclic universe based on my Big Rip scenario above is something like what we see with water drops and soap bubbles. Energy content is comparmentalized between normal and dark matter, photons and other bosons, and dark energy (which may be related to a form of surface tension) And these continually remix- the total content never changes, only that of the compartmentalized components- but they're all in equilibrium.

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