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Frontal Laser Drive

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Dark energy could produce lift. Antigravity. If you can combine at least two photons, like a beam struggle in dbz; and send a third laser through said beam struggle, and it should act like a slingshot. It should be able to emulate the chemical effect of the freon molecule because antigravity can suck heat away from the beams.

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Bob Lazar described exactly this, the basketball sized reactor he worked on stays at room temperature, it goes in the direction of the lasers it produces. He describes cyclotron particle accelerators. I suspect whoever has read these has seen polarizing light filters under the microscope when looking at it. The archway that had the three seats in it is tungsten and the disc around the archway is carbon nanotubes with nanofilters, no wires. 

I think he confused the laser reaction as a type of element 115 because it accelerates the beams that converge at a point to produce micro-gravity that expands greater than one Planck length per Planck time so that negligible gravitation becomes tangible - because of of a higher rate of frame-dragging. That is in essence dark energy which we probably could produce in a lab without this type of device simply by pointing lasers at one another and continuously sending a third beam through that point.

I intend to patent this apparatus because I suspect how the quantum Venn diagram paradox can be exploited to place a lot of light into one point at the cost of just a few nanovolts of electromagnetic current. Similar to a cyclotron nano-particle accelerator. 

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