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The Money Savings Of Electric Cars


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So basically, I was doing a calculation on the prices of Gasoline versus Electricity to see if electric cars were more viable than gas powered cars yet with the recent gasoline price increase. I just bought gasoline today and it was $4.89 per gallon which a gallon of gasoline is 120 million joules along with a kilowatt hour of electricity being 12.05 cents which is 3.6 million joules. After doing some math magic basically over 100,000 miles of usage an electric car would save you $14,783.03 on energy prices thus electric cars are more cost effective if you use your car a great deal is the conclusion however for now usually electric cars are more expensive thus the savings will vary based on the electric cars you purchase versus the gasoline powered car you purchase, this calculation was done assuming the gasoline powered car gets 20 miles per gallon and that the efficiency of a gasoline car's engine is 35% versus the efficiency of a electric car's engine is 85%.



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