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Antimatter galaxy collisions may be source of HECRs


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High energy cosmic rays are a mystery however according to my theory


the universe began as solid light and quickly exceeded the Planck temperature almost everywhere.

Micro black holes quickly almost became an infinite sized black hole but these particles released tachyons according to my super graviton theory.


The difference of velocities in dark energy g-waves printed all of the hydrogen and anti hydrogen of the cmbr.


The micro black holes pulled by the dark energy ran into each other merging and separating anti hydrogen galaxies as the drifted further apart as smbhs.

All of the anti hydrogen galaxies collided with hydrogen galaxies creating high energy cosmic rays we observe today and the rest did not collide.

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It would seem that this process leads to a point in time when the last black holes evaporate that the lack of dark energy allows the separated bodies of redshifted light to catch back up with one another. When these bodies of light ignite back to Planck temperatures at certain grouped areas new cosmic bodies can tug on one another through dark energy, I.e. dark flow.

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