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Entire Galaxy Destroying Kardashev Scale 4 Weapon


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This is a alternative on the supermassive black hole bomb but however this version does not use super radiant scattering nor the spin of the black hole but rather causes the black hole itself to explode. The idea is pretty simple to continue to feed energy and mass into a black hole until it literally explodes where gravity cannot hold on or whatever caused the Big Bang Singularity to explode. Now it is unknown how much energy-mass will need to be fed into the super massive black hole until it explodes but there is some evidence that large supermassive black holes can explode from being simply too massive such as in this article(https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientists-spot-the-biggest-known-explosion-in-the-universe/). The idea is to move other black holes and stars that are smaller into the supermassive black hole causing it to grow in mass until it explodes. The Question you must ask yourself is how much mass does it take until a black hole explodes and is that even possible? Well, I think it is possible under the initial singularity explanation of the big bang that one could eventually cause a new class of black hole, a ultra massive black hole to reach critical mass and explode by feeding enough mass into it.  It is commonly thought that the cosmic microwave background was caused by the big bang explosion's light so we can deduct if that was caused by a ultra massive black hole reaching critical mass that then indeed the explosion of such a black hole would release a great deal of energy and mass moving at high velocities.

The Big Bang's Explosion, the cosmic microwave background.


Obviously to control the absolutely unthinkable amounts of mass and energy that would need to be fed into the supermassive black hole to create a ultra massive black hole with critical mass, I would think, it would require the knowledge of a type 4 Kardashev scale civilization that control the entire universe.



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