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Fluorescence and radioactivity

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I have a questions. I know that fluorescence and fosforescence object can glow after expposure to light. Recently i noticed, that because atomic radiation is form of electromagnetic vawe, so fluorescence and fosforescence object possibly also should glow after exposure to atomic radiation. So, If it is true, than that kind of object can be used as some kind of radiometr/dosimetr for peoples that they don't have that better equipment. I think about what can/should be done in "one of the worst possible" situation (nuclear attack, no survival experience, very poor knowledge, no communication, no goverment assecuration, etc.).

Does fl. and fo. object should glow after nuclear attack? If yes, then:

How long? How far from epicentrum? How fast after nuclear attack?

If glow long, did it stop glow after radiation level will fall to safe values or radiation level still can be risky or dangerous?



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