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The people of Eastern Europe asked to join NATO in order to protect themselves from the aggression of imperial Russia. How their fears are justified has been convincingly proved by Russia’s current aggression against Ukraine.

Ukraine does not need NATO if it is strong enough. As Israel’s experience has shown, nuclear weapons in the hands of a small country are a deterrent against powerful neighbors. If the Ukrainians really acquire nuclear weapons, they will be able to protect all of Europe from the impending Russian occupation.

In the 1990s, Ukraine surrendered its nuclear warheads to Russia. Now Ukrainians are very sorry about it. Putin would not have dared to attack a nuclear Ukraine either in 2014 or 2022.

The Russian\Soviet yoke in Eastern Europe was supported by the aggression of the USSR. Let us recall the occupation of Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and the military coup in Poland in 1981. In 1991, the countries of Eastern and Central Europe freed themselves from the Soviet yoke. These countries have chosen Europe, not their yesterday’s enslavers.

In recent years, Eastern European nationalists (Hungary, Austria, Poland) have strengthened ties with Russia to counterbalance the dictates of the Franco-German tandem. Putin destroyed this balance. Due to his aggression, he drove Central and Eastern Europe under the wing of the West.

The same goes for Israel. Now we have no choice. Despite the fact that the West betrayed us and sold us out, Putin turned out to be more dangerous than Biden and Europe. Israel needs to focus on itself and on the newly created Middle East alliance.


Polls show that 70% of Russians are Putinoids. Putin started his aggression primarily in order to stay in power, to crush the best part of the Russians, the remained 30%. In order for 70% to change their attitude towards aggression and Putin, Russia needs to inflict a military defeat.

And for this, it is necessary to provide Ukraine with comprehensive assistance: economic and military. There is no need to fight instead of Ukrainians, they do it better than cowardly Europeans. We must give them the necessary weapons. First of all, air defense systems and aircraft.


Israel gave up all the territories occupied in 1967 and received a war of annihilation and terror as a thank you. The worldwide anti-Semitic pandemonium against the Jewish state is simply a continuation of eternal anti-Semitism.

In the case of Russia, the opposite is true. Russia is the largest state in the world in terms of territory. And this is not enough for them. They set out to take over Europe and then the Middle East. Then world domination shines on them.

Now the Europeans have suddenly found themselves in the shoes of the Israelis: Russia wants to destroy them. Russian atrocities in Ukraine are quite deliberate. So they show Europe what awaits them if they dare to resist. Europeans are obliged to help Ukraine, otherwise, they will face the Russian yoke. I hope Europe wakes up from both fear and anti-Semitism.

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