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Suspected Criminals And Criminal Organization


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Someone named Eric "Muonium Guy" and Linda Stauffer "Kitty" along with a "Russian dude" and "Belgian dude" said they have killed 100,000 people thus far and will continue to kill people that are against them I would be on the watch out for them. They are apart of the organization which numbers in the 1000s previously mentioned in the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/38981-criminal-case-lobotomies-in-the-mental-ward-for-being-against-criminal-organization/) thread. I would watch out for these people they are highly dangerous from what I understand having plans of world domination.


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List of Group's Leaders and Ranks.

Linda Stauffer = Leader/ Banned U.N. representative. 

Eric "Muonium Guy" Micheals = Science Officer

"Russian Dude" = Military Officer

Melissa Stauffer = Social Science Officer

Darren Schwartz = Spy Officer

Sarah Ann Lee = Computer Science Officer

These People are on facebook.com under their facebooks if they threaten you call Call Law Enforcement or the Military on them and they need to be stopped from threatening people!

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