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We all are aware of the war, which is not only destroying the 2 countries, but also the economy of the rest of the world is more or less shattering.

When on one hand the US economy is consistently crashing, the story of the other side involves a different story. We are not able to afford the rising prices of daily living, but we have a total of $200 million for Ukraine to provide for additional small arms, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. Not only in recent times, but the fall was inevitably predicted which we were unaware of. The US had been stocking up weapons since the third quarter of 2021.
Russia's invasion has put China in a situation where it needs the market access to US and Europe, yet also support Moscow to join Russia for the sake of friendship. This trembles the market economy of both the major trading countries of China, resulting an ultimate inflation. 

I assume the downfall will remain to continue, because according to Harry Dent, the market could be down to a minimum of 30%-40% by the end of March. Stocks are predicted to dive 90%,and much more. The crash is just the dawn. https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2022/03/11/harry-dent-market-crash-has-begun-fireworks-to-blow-by-june/
How will you react to these predictions? The political issues of one country is effecting others extremely negatively. It is necessary to think upon and make valuable decisions. A word from my paper writer!! Purchase a property on a rural land, near a stream, deep between the greens, just be as far as you can from the urban highway, or else be the prime target of the military.

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