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Possibility Of A Dystopian Technological Singularity

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We hear a lot about the singularity and the merging of humans with machines but we must also think about the things that could go wrong with that scenario if the technology is not used properly there are certain technologies that if abused dealing with Cybernetics and Nanotechnology that would be horrifying if ever used to that end. Today, we are going to have a real talk about the merging of man and machine.

The First Scenario dealing with medical nanotechnology is if abused is what I call the "Borg Issue" what if someone used nano-robotics to enslave and control people's brain and body now it is all and good to talk about using nano-robotics to merge your mind with a machine but with that comes hackers, what if someone used the Nano-robots to control a person's body after hacking the nano-robots in their body, first off we must consider that the hack could not be undone and the process of control could not be overwritten that would mean that there person's free will is being controlled by machines and not the other way around where the human controls the machine. Another terrifying idea about this is what if you were rewriting the person's DNA against their will with these machines, you could do serious harm with Nano-robotics if abused by hackers, there needs to be some sort of measure to protect against hostile overthrows of the machinery and the forced installation of malware into the Nano-robots to prevent someone from making it the "Borg" which derives from star trek where there is one entity is controlling the bodies of nano-technologically enhanced people and forces them against their will to do actions. 


Secondly, another troubling issue is forced installation of technology into people which has recently become an issue with Wifi chip implants that employers have forced their employees to install microchips in their hands to keep their jobs, this could be illegal because you should not be able to force anyone to install technology into their bodies against their will, but think if implant technology evolves to make that natural someday people could be forced to install mind reading implants which would allow them to monitor your thoughts or feelings. This is the issue where it is just wrong to force people to make implants in my opinion it violates the declaration of humans rights under the U.N. Charter to do things such as this and should be seen as a violation of it. 


Well, there are two troubling trends with the singularity that could make it Dystopian I hope they are addressed, feel free to make more suggestions about how cybernetics and nanotechnology could be abused and make the Singularity a hell instead of a heaven.

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