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Experiment That Proved Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity To Be Wrong


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15 hours ago, Logicandreason said:

As I have some free time, I'll put my argument another way. 

I can make two postulates and than PROVE that Time and Distances become zero if you move at light speed, because light speed in my postulate is actually INSTANT.

  And you guys have the gall to call me a crank?

Oh fear not, I will never call you a crank!

Most true relativity cranks have at least some knowledge of the subject, and some of those cranks are capable of making some interesting arguments against SR; wrong, but at least interesting!

You sir, are no crank because your arguments, such as they are, are not interesting, not intelligent and not worth discussing.

You are a TROLL, which is about ten levels below that of a crank.

We don't ban relativity cranks, but we DO ban trolls, especially when they are of the annoying variety.

I wish you luck with finding another forum that will tolerate your trolling, but your time here is at an end.


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