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7 hours ago, ruko said:

The accuracy of the  cesium fountain atomic clock in Fort Collins, Co is as accurate as can be. I wonder how this clock itself is set? How did they know the precise moment to start the clock?

They knew because Jebediah told them about dynamic relativity - the relationship between frame-dragging rates in gws

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In 2022 of earth prime we were using electronically ordinates relational cogs in weight exchanges to compute PEMDAS and FOIL methods in calculators. We could conduct electricity and had the solenoid for coordinating the spider leg hairs. There was radio and microwave chatter but little else.

Motion capture on your smart phone has to be mathematically simulated from the liquification of solid light by smbhs and dark energy formation during the big bang from the Planck length up in units of Planck times, so it's not actually using the light bouncing off of your person to get the video dumbazz.

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