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Please help: How to make batteries from electrode


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I wish to use electrolysis to harness sodium ions to generate electricity into a battery. This battery would be rechargeable. After attracting the sodium ions to the electrode, how do we transfer them into the battery to get electricity? Or are we supposed to put the battery in place of the electrode. 

I appreciate any and all responses. Thank you.

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The statement here is quite exciting and engaging; the problem is about creating batteries from the sodium ios. For this, electrolysis is to harness the ion's property to generate electricity. The battery is to be rechargeable; the problem is after attracting the sodium ions to the electrode, how can we generate electricity? If we create the electricity, should we place the battery instead of the electrodes? The statement leaves quite exciting questions and asks the community to guide for a better and more efficient future energy development. 
The discussion on this topic raises quite remarkable answers to this discussion. There are several possibilities to generate a rechargeable cell and can be used for several purposes. To make the sodium ions dissociate again after the energy utilization, you need to create the setting somewhat like a galvanic cell where you will dissociate the sodium ions to generate the energy, and then with the help of the electrical power, will restore the sodium ions to the electrode.

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