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Who is destroying Israel?


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“The Netflix platform has released a collection of 32 films under the title “Palestinian Stories”. Most of these works — and according to other sources, the vast majority — were filmed by supporters of the anti-Israeli movement BDS.
Not only that, Netflix consulted with BDS on the list of films. Twelve of the filmmakers whose films are in the collection signed a deceitful “Anti-Apartheid” Letter in May, with the traditional accusations of Israel’s lynching, ethnic cleansing, and more."
Those who paid for the filming of the «talented» anti-Semitic tapes paid Netflix to distribute them. It is not the poor Palestinians who are waging a war of destruction against us, but the richest people on the planet and their international corporations.
As in the days of Hitler, anti-Semitism is once again the ideology of the rich. Now it figures under the name «anti-Zionism» or the “Palestine Cause”. The destruction of Israel is a bogeyman of those who have already seized power over the planet. The Palestinians are just a necessary cog in a huge machine, and they are paid for their role.
No, Israel is not digging its own grave. But among us, there are mercenaries of anti-Semitic tycoons, and they are in power in Israel.
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