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I have a cunning plan


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Hi, guys,

I love watching movies "in colour".

Do you remember "Blast from the past"? There Adam (Brandon Fraser) said Eve (Alicia Silverstone) that he had watched TV in colour.

Here "in colour" means that I am not afraid of watching English/American movies without subtitles. Not that I understand everything.

Actually for the past 5 or so years I have been "studying" English on American movies and TV series. Also a lot of YouTube.  There I am interested also

for their meaning.


My English is actually very poor (a pidgin). If words are spelled correctly credits are for the editor on the computer and

dictionary (dot) com.


These days I am watching "Mind Your Language" - British TV Series 1977-1986 (IMDB).

Of course I watch them on TV in my language.


You guys probably know about those things called flash drives. Now even TV-sets can work with them. For a second day I am watching

"Ransom for a dead man" (Columbo, 1971). That film I have been watching since probably late 70-ies on TV. Now I watch it "in colour".


I hope you would enjoy Auberge, Chris Rea




Goodbye for now.

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