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Mahmud Abbas rejected a 2-state solution proposal by Horovitz (MERETZ anti-Zionist party). Thus, Abbas, like HAMAS, frankly seeks the annihilation of Israel.

First, the Palestinians force the occupation, then perform criminal aggression against Israeli people under the pretext of «Israeli Occupation».

The «Democrat» Squad promotes this Hitler-like propaganda trick. The Palestinians do NOT have the right to aggression under the pretext of the Israeli occupation that they themselves force.

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You seem to be making a very strange set of claims. Can you please explain how the Palestinians are “forcing” the Israeli occupation (I assume you are referring to the West Bank), and then how are they performing aggression against the Israeli people (the Israeli settlers?)

In fact, I have been reading that the PA has been actually acting as Israel’s Auxiliary Occupation Force, and has been responsible for political assassinations of critics of the Palestinian Authority, condemning its corruption and its central policy of “security coordination” with Israel.

The latest victim of such an assassination was Palestinian activist and political candidate Nizar Banat, 44.

Your version of the situation and the version portrayed by VPalestine.org, can’t both be correct. The VPalestine.org version makes a bit more sense to me, but I think you should explain your version better.

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