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Anyone got a favourite Youtube video that outlines the urgent deadlines for climate change?

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Hi all,

years ago I enjoyed the "Do the Math" video by Bill McKibben.

One part of it was short and punchy and had the 3 numbers necessary to understand the urgency of the climate crisis.

Anyone got a video like it - but more up to date? Ideally it would be similar - short, accurate, punchy, good production values.


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Yes - that is a good short one. I have that as the shorter summary on my blog's summary page.

This is the other one I like - but it's longer.

I have both on my blog - even though I have to say I disagree with WWF's anti-nuclear stance.

Today's nukes are vastly safer than anything built in the past and quite frankly I would rather one Chernobyl every 40 years than climate change!

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