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[steve Irvin Voice] "Well, there you have your common internet surfer. Typing away busily, the little critter looks around. See his pupils dilate! He's a beaut! Now he's looking closer at the screen.

Okay, I'm back! - Oh. Hello sir. Excuse me a second, but I've got to check on the oven. Hunh? The oven? What's in the oven? - Nothing. And it's almost done. Hmmm. So I see, there is nothing in t

"Christ’s redeeming sacrifice has the power to forgive even the gravest of sins, and to bring forth good from even the most terrible evil. At the same time, God’s justice summons us to give an accoun

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Any one who would like to thank me for once again saving the world from evil ancient prophecies may do so--quite appropriately given the effort required this time--here.


What do we do now, Buffy? :phones:


I for one am thoroughly disappointed I was promised zombies....and the opportunity to splat them (or get eaten by them, either way my day's shot)

Thanx for nuthin

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Definition 1: Nothing=

Its completed! There really should be nothing in/on the right side of the equality.

Next we quote both sides and we get:

Definition 2: "Nothing"="" ...As it should be; theres nothing WITHIN the quotes on the right side:

Now we can do lots of identities: "nothing" = "not sigurdV" = Sancta Claus ...etc

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