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Existence is...the Absolute Singularity.


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Existence is...the Absolute Singularity.

Below I will attempt to explain my process for arriving at the assertion above.

This is the story of why I decided to examine the nature of reality and our human understanding of it. The world around me seems too chaotic and crazy right now, overwhelmed with fear and anger that exacerbates nihilism. Nihilism helps no one. So, due to not sleeping and having an abundance of mental energy, I began processing all the ins and outs, the quandaries, surrounding existence. These quandaries always end in a paradox, logical fallacies, or trippy infinite loops. I thought to myself, is understanding the immediate world around me and its order that messy?

No, I understand the order I find in my basic daily observations with most things being constant rather than inconsistent. With simple logic and reasoning, I can expect the sun to rise, a dog to bark, a chair to hold the seated, so where does understanding reality get so messy? Science. I despise reading and have never invested my understanding in the religion of science, so it was not a stumbling block for me to overcome the current beliefs it espouses.

Currently, I frequent two philosophy websites, ilovephilosophy.com and knowthyselforumotion.net, to expand my horizons regarding thought through the use of reasoning and the application of alternative perspectives.

The poster, Satyr, over at knowthyselforumotion.net hammered home the need for me to use my basic observations of reality, the actual, before my head goes up in the clouds of purely abstract ideas that have no concrete foundation, no verifiability. So I did just that and formulated a new understanding of reality, existence.

But where's the foundation underneath my comprehension? From daily observations, I understand the simple consistency or constant that existence provides. I essentially know what to expect moment to moment by and large. I wondered could the simplicity of my expectations apply to the overarching umbrella that is known as existence?

Yes. It can.

Instead of spinning my wheels on paradoxes, logical fallacies, and the rest of the confusing nonsense, I decided to take a bold approach. Existence is...everything actual. No matter what galaxy or dimension or universe. No matter the form or size or shape of any actual thing, everything falls under the umbrella of existence as all that exists. That means there is only one, overarching existence.

Now I asked myself, I reasoned, if everything exists, how can anything not exist?

It can't. Non-existence denies the actual...existence. What?

Non-existence is purely an idea, a concept. But non-existence is understandable for we use it to describe death.

Many ideas and concepts are understandable, but that doesn't mean they make up actual existence in the traditionally understood way. Unicorns are understandable, but do not actually exist. Unicorns are another idea just as non-existence is an idea. There is no non-existence of a unicorn because there was never any existence of an actual unicorn. There are abstractions of unicorns, stuffies, cartoons representations, etc., but nothing actually living as the "animal" is understood.

But death is non-existence. What we are describing as death is change, not non-existence, not the becoming of nothing. I'll get into this more later.

Can something become nothing?

If something can become nothing, how would existence remain? It wouldn't, it'd disappear completely. So nothing and non-existence only exist as place holders in our daily lives but in the actuality of existence only occur as ideas in opposition to existence.

To Be Continued...

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