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Jeff Yee's Energy Wave Theory


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Energy Wave Theory (EWT) is a mathematical model with logical explanations for the smallest components of the universe that:

  • Simplifies all known particles to be based on one fundamental particle – the neutrino
  • Simplifies the cause of motion and forces to be based on one fundamental rule – to minimize wave amplitude
  • Explains the creation of particles, atoms and molecules using descriptions that can be modeled with one set of classical laws
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I have long been impressed with Milo Wolff’s Wave Structure of Matter theory and Jeff Yee’s EWT greatly expands upon Wolff’s earlier works. I like the way Yee has combined the dimensions of space and time into a single dimension of spacetime for a three dimensional universe. This makes more sense than treating space and time as separate dimensions.

My criticism is not critical to most of Yee’s theory but I was disappointed to see that Yee treats photons as real particles while Wolff was skeptical of their existence. Wolff wrote favorably of Hugo Tetrode’s (1922) understanding of photons as being strictly imaginary. Modern versions of Tetrode’s theory can be found clearly in the writings of N. “Viv” Pope or diplomatically evasive in John Cramer’s TIQM, or updated in articles by A. F. Kracklauer where Kracklauer refers to photons as “folklore” rather than real.

My understanding Tetrode’s theory and the modern versions is that transverse waves makeup the spacetime around us (the ether) and ether waves are not energy bearing waves. However, if two remote atoms randomly establish a two-way, wave-like connection via these ether waves, they will resonate together across whatever distance may separate them, an electron in one atom can drop to a lower energy level triggering an electron in the paired (entangled) atom to simultaneously rise to a higher energy level and we have an energy exchange commonly known as “light”. All the changes take place within the atoms themselves. There is no need for light energy to travel from one atom to another by traveling through the space between as either a particle or a wave. You could say light energy “quantum tunnels” from one entangled electron to another.

The interaction appears wave-like because it is predetermined and mediated by ether waves and there is an observable time interval between the emission and absorption of light because every distance of space includes an amount of time equal to one second of time for every 300,000 km of space. The value of c is a ratio giving us the amount of time found in every distance of space and it is not a speed. Some refer to c as the ‘speed of creation’ or the ‘operating speed’ of the universe but it is not the speed of light energy through space. For light, emission and absorption are simultaneous events.

We can never separate space from time and this is one reason why I favor Yee’s combination of space and time into a single dimension. There is a c related measure of time in every one of the three x,y, z dimensions of space.


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