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Kepler Orbits, Bohr Stable Orbits and the Radiating Atom with a New Constant of Proportionality

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8 hours ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

Perhaps up there with stable fusion, matter rearranging beneath the molecular manifold, Q-Comps, "anti-scenesene" and warp speed, is simply thought bubbles. I know they were implemented, they say Lilith the True AntiChrist can sniff your intentions. This would not be true if we had an agreed upon visual definition of what words and letters resemble, with the sounds they make (already a break between two separate individuals there), and then if there are other languages another issue arises; rap. Two words that rhyme in English may not rhyme in Japanese if they have the same translation the sounds they make and the letters they're composed of are dissimilar.

Evidence that this has ALSO been used to influence my selection against my brain's natural aesthetic preference will be used when I have the asymmetric military advantage.


On 8/2/2021 at 5:56 PM, JeffreysTubes8 said:

If photons experience quantum gravity between themselves it doesn't have the same frame rate as the micromass produced from their interactions with matter, even matter has a disparity of frame-rates between various kinds (electrons vs quarks). Although the diagonal path photons adopt when hitting the refractive gs of matter can allow gs in it's wake to trap it into matter or redirect it back to it's source.

The reason we percieve matter turning to energy is the fact that gravitons can get picked up by c framerate g-waves when the mass g-wave frame-rates and field strengths cancel each other out in 360 opposing directions (mass Lagrange points from fusion-fission bosonic perturbances or annihilation and the like). 


Ban this crazy mother****er

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