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Katrina Relief CD - please buy!

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Dear friends - I am participating in a project called The Musicians for Katrina Relief CD. It will be a double CD made professionally, with original music (probably more than 40 tracks!) from musicians world-wide.


lefthttp://www.katrinareliefcd.com/Katrina3.jpg[/img]The cost of a CD is $25 including shipping *anywhere*. I have volunteered to handle the money side and therefore we are using Hypography's PayPal solution.


A new website has been created at http://www.katrinareliefcd.com - I urge each and every one of you to go in there and preorder a CD for yourself - and also a few for your friends, if you can...


100% of the proceeds will go to charity - half to the Red Cross and half to Habitat for Humanity.


We need to have 100 preorders to fully finance the pressing of the CDs. We will keep the website updated with how many preorders we have.


Personally I have ordered 10 and plan on using these for Christmas gifts.

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I already did it a few days ago :hihi:

Well put.   How can we focus media attention on the needs of humanity? Poverty, starvation, tribal warfare, and abuse of women goes on all the time, unreported. Meanwhile, a dozen coal mine worker

I think it's pretty thankless of you to hijack my attempt to sell the Katrina Relief CD, which I personally have spent more than 100 hours working on, and which at least 45 other people have spent cou

Actually, the deal has been sweetened. While stocks last, people who preorder the Katrina Relief CD will also get the "Resonance: Musicians for Asia" CD that was created to raise funds after the Pacific tsunami last Christmas. They have some left and they will ship them as the preorders get in.


We have 25 preorders already, need about 50 more to start the pressing of the CDs. Remember, all profits are going to charity so I really urge everyone to preorder a CD now.

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Maybe dave would be willing to help out by promoting it on matazone :hihi:. Assuming it's not considered spam, of course :hihi:.


I really hope people don't consider this to be spam, although with the current amount of relief projects out there it may easily be.


We have gotten a lot of attention so far and the preorders are slowly picking up.


The Musicians for Katrina Relief CD is all done on a completely voluntary basis and absolutely all profits (Actually, every single penny short of the cost of CD pressing and postage) go to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. I have paid for the domain name and will probably sponsor hosting for the final site if it gets too big to host on our plan (there will be song samples and probably some full version tracks).


The reason those two charities were picked were that the musicians simply couldn't agree on what to support - and some would *never* support something as corrupt as the Red Cross whereas others would *never* give their money to something that was based on Christian values. Musicians...well, they have to do something, so why not fight over it? :lol:


We have raised almost $900 so far and we need more preorders - we may be able to start pressing the CDs next week if we can get about 15 more preorders.

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