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The Dipole Moment of the Universe and a Modification to Rotation

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The great attractor, a mysterious force pulling on our galaxy has now been associated to some equally baffling dipole moment on superlarge scales, thought by some as being caused by a giant void (ie. Inhomogeneous space distributions). It's funny, because I'll always reflect on this as an important bit of work I did on physics, where I derive properly, the suggested Friedmann equation with rotation by Arun (et. al) where we use the four component acceleration by expanding the equation for rotational acceleration and when plugged properly into the Friedmann equation, gives us back a full equation of motion for the universe where the suggested rotation by Arun was incomplete, we find three correction terms for the pseudoforce as additive features. I renamed the model as a Gyroverse, to replace "Universe" and if true, where dark flow is interpreted as the remnant of a fast primordial spin, then the universe itself would contain dipole moments distributed through galactic space. Not only could spin explain the inflation, but we know that from whatever caused inflation, parts of our universe where left expanding at different rates (see Hawking, a brief history of time and black holes and baby universes). In a similar fashion, there would be leftover dipole moments from smaller concentric shells inside if space rotating at different rates, a concept I've came to from closer analysis. The fact that we have discovered such a possible candidate is thrilling and is a new and strong peice of evidence which is starting to thread some mysteries surrounding whether the universe spins. It was shown early on, that if the universe spinned very fast, the linear expansion, most likely from centrifugal repulsion, the spin would have decayed as linear expansion took over as shown by Hoyle and Narlikar. At that time, they were unaware of dark flow, so it's interesting how we cannot falsify this with current existing data. If the universe is rotating today slowly, as Hawking admitted in a 1970's paper to be possible, then an internal angle of freedom must be assigned to the acceleration components. Here, below is the full derivation from me concerning the equation of motion for the universe, I'll absorb all the correction terms for simplicity and call it an absolute acceleration, from which the new equation of motion becomes

R'' = 8πG/3  ρ a(absolute) sinθ


a(absolute) = [a(centrifugal) + a(Coriolis) + a(Euler)]sinθ


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