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What does climate change mean to you, is it real, is it happening right now?

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Our planet was once covered in ice.

The ice melted

Our planet was covered in ice several times in the past.

The ice melted, the water returned to ice

We are now in a melting stage, then the ice age will return

To understand why, you need to review the history of our planet.

Our planet was not created by the development of our solar system. Earth came from elsewhere.

As earth, a molten core covered in ice 5.4 miles thick passes by our sun, the suns gravity grabbed earth slinging it into an elliptical orbit, an orbit we are still in today with its axis parallel to the suns.

At least it started out that way but now scientists have discovered that an asteroid hit the earth leaving our planet unlivable except for the smallest of creatures and a 23.5-degree tilt.

Today, the Earth's axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. During a cycle that averages about 40,000 years, the tilt of the axis varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees.

NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

The planets tilt is causing the climate changes.

At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth's history: the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!). Currently, we are in a warm interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago


Scientists & geologists have determined that our planet has gone through four (4) major climate changes or ice retreats leaving behind a scared surface as the ice above slides around over the core melting under the suns glare.

There is nothing we can do to slow down this change. It is inevitable so adapt or do not, the choice is yours alone to make.

Having said all the above what we are doing to combat this climate change is what is saving us; even though this has nothing to do with climate.

We are ending the use of fossil fuels; thinking it is saving our planet when in fact fossil fuels are finite. It has been determined that if we continue to consume fossil fuels at the rate we are consuming today, consumers will suck up and burn what known reserves the world has in 30-40 years.

The ice age is on its way once again

What do we do?

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