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Is there Scientific Freedom on these forums?!


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I don't post much on scientific forums! I tried scientificforums.net and I had only 93 posts over 3 years... Because I was busy reading over 1 million articles about Free Will. I try to gather compelling evidence before presenting any claims! But apparently if you try to speak about bigger and more sensitive issues, you get instantly censored and only flamed by elitists on these forums! I even linked sources to prominent journals ranked top 1 in terms of impact factor and with decent history of impact factor! Studies with hundreds of citations...  And no one even read and discussed anything, or provided any counter-arguments, proof, or sources!!! I was only flamed and my topic was instantly moved to speculations...

Wouldn't you think that on scientific forums posts shouldn't be judged based on reputation? But maybe based on veracity and validity of sources, facts, logic, empirical evidence and what not?

But science is largely a social thing: https://medium.com/@mtobis/who-decides-what-is-true-b6d9057489cd

And elitism is a problem in the scientific circles, e.g. mathematical circles: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41599-020-00680-y

I Am polite and constructive, as long as the other side is too and someone doesn't act in bad faith... Then I will defend myself naturally!

Do you think? Can I post here something politely and constructively without being flamed, harassed and being censored?! That would be great!

PS: I have ASD and I just care about truth, I will say how it is!!! Sometimes people can't handle that...



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