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AM production expedited 15 ordrs magnitude

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Postulate A.) Using static-wavelength single-photon emissions, which are essentially micro lasers, it should be possible to confuse the locations of entangled particle-states by causing the state of one particle to mimic the state of it's anti-pair.

Postulate B.) The higgs function, including all variations unique to the field-medium of the higgs boson, is defined as the quantum gravity that grafts the patternistic behavior of any form of matter on the subatomic scale.

Therefore, if both A and B are correct, than it should be possible to cancel out the higgs function using particle-confusion, given that the quantum-medium in question is self-similar in nature. 

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Unfortunately, only I know how to map the quantum gravity in the field-mediums of a higgs boson in dimension #3.

The Turing-wise hardware-masons that have created this placebo that we call software-languages have what I want (control of campus grades & Mensa members, which is basically the list of whose the sexiest man for the female social elites like Keira Knightley & vice-versa), and I have what they want.

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