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3D printer that can make some stuff for space some space technology

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I`ve recently found an interesting article about 3D printer which is used in aerospace area. Have you heard anything about that? This machine allows to print multi-composite parts simultaneously from several materials, which is infeasible in other types of aerospace 3d printing.
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16 hours ago, SpaceTourist33 said:

What about 3D printed satellites? Had this machine ever produced them or not?

I guess yes, to make the process of manufacturing satellites and microsatellites 3D printing technology can be used. Also, I`ve recently found out that 3D printing technology is used in airplane jet engines and in some rocket engines.

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I`ve read that the third stage for the XL rocket was made with the usage of additive technology. I can't believe that engines can be made with the help of 3d printer. I`ve never thought that 3d printing couldn't be used for such purposes. However, as I see, the final material is tough enough to handle that kind of stress. https://www.skyrora.com/third-stage

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19 hours ago, SpaceTourist33 said:

I think this company needs to cooperate with Dragonfly Aerospace and manufacture an eco-friendly satellites together. Even though this machine is used for printing rocket parts as you said, why can't engineers adjust is to satellites, right? I think it would be good.

I`ve heard about this space company. As far as I know, this space company manufactures special type of microsatellites that can observe the land. This type of microsatellites is frequently used in the agrarian sphere

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