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I'd like anyone to participate giving fun facts on science, so long as there is no intentional misleading information. I intend to write anything between two and three facts a week. I'll start of with two amd hope you will all enjoy in participation.

Fact 1. It's well known from as early as the late 60's that there was strong evidence that space and time, we're not just unified as a forth leg of a Pythagorean triangle, but that they are indeed complimentary to each other. When string theory came along, the idea that space and time shared an uncertainty principle was unavoidable from experimentation. 

It has a surprisingly simple construction. If we take g as the metric

g(X):(y,x) ∈R

Then the metric uncertainty would satisfy

Δx Δy ≥  ℓ(Planck)

Roughly speaking,  the uncertainty on either x or y depends on the information we can extract from the system. Because if this, the uncertainty principle doesn't mean things are random, only that there is a limitation of information we can obtain from complimentary observables.


Fact 2. There are around 3*10^26 particles in the average human brain. There is (give ot take a few powers of ten) Roughly 3*10^80 in the universe . With this in mind, there are more possible combinations of moves on the chess board than there is particles in the universe! The estimated amount of moves is 10^123 possible combinations called the shannon number. As a side note if interesting large numbers, this is still larger than the vaguest discrepancy in physics, called the vacuum energy in which the energy lacks a massive sum of 10^120 magnitudes.


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