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Here is an interesting consideration. Political correctness or PC, attempts to regulate how one needs to act, speak and react in social situations. Even if this behavior is not natural for a given person, one is suppose to develop this split personality. Humans are very sensitive to other people being insincere, which means the requirement of PC, is to make this split in the personality as solid as possible. One can still retain their own beliefs, in the privacy of their thoughts and their inner circles. But one also needs to perfect the other personality, as a social coping mechanism.


it is massive trauma and these incedents push the mind beyond basic coping skills. It allows certain aspects of the personality that are able to handle the trauma to 'fragment' and that aspect of personality witnesses/experiences the trauma(frequently abuse/torture).


There is a social price for not splitting the personality in the PC way. This is backed with a social abuse that might include fines, loss of job and even jail. If it could not abuse, it would be harder to achieve the split. "reverse engineering"


I picked on PC, since it is easy to see. The individual is made to split off into two personality faces. One might also obtain a personality split in the work place. The company man, good with office politics, requires perfection of the work personality, even if it does not correlate to the home personality. It works best if it is seamless. One can not always be themselves at work, especially when we add the additional PC personality, reinforced with abuse. Life may need three personalities. One for the boss, one for PC and one for home, with the one at home the only real one.


If we were treating this split personality disorder, how would you get rid of the split so one could end up with a single personality, even if the abuse is still there and designed to maintain the split? Do we just pick one of the three, that minimizes abuse and squeeze everything there (path of least resistance)? Or do we go to the root personality, and attempt to consolidate there?


Say we had a split personality of A going to A and B, due to abuse and trauma. If we tried to integrate the person, but used B instead of A, what would happen?

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