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Multivalent COVID19 MRNA Vaccine

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I was watching the news and people are freaking about these different variants of COVID19, I have a design that would protect against all variants of COVID19 being a Multivalent MRNA Vaccine which would give immunity to multiple strains of a single virus which is a lipid nano-particle like the original MRNA Vaccines for COVID19. The MRNA Sequence map is as follows, which will now be protected under the 1 year rule for works until 3/31/2022(http://www.mateoaboy.com/f6/blog_files/874912ee2802a38923c533ba23ecf6c5-32.html#:~:text=The one-year rule%2C also,of sale%2C or public use).


This Sequence would be inserted into a Lipid Nanoparticle in the form of RNA for uptake into White Blood Cells giving immunity to all the current strains of COVID19.


P.S. I am currently selling this Gene map and the patent for it, for usage in COVID19 MRNA Vaccines for 20 million dollars USD which is mine for 1 year due to inventor laws or until I patent it for 20 years.



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