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10 hours ago, TimeFly said:

Victor brought Christians into this argument. Catholics are not Bible thumpers. Catholics are taught from 'Tradition' and reading the Bible and personally interpreting the Bible was strongly discouraged. The reason it was discouraged is because it takes a trained theologist to understand  it's meaning......Let me restate my argument, concisely; it defies logic to convict all Muslims for the crimes of some Muslims.                             

Christian social services are supported by donations of members(the Faithful)of church organizations. There are no monetary rewards repaid to those contributors, whatsoever ! Unlike many I don't pretend to understand the Quran. I have known Muslims who were decent people and even good Americans. They are not the entire membership of Islam but I stand by the decent Muslims who are being misjudged simply because of prejudice.

Religion is a cancer, nuff said.


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