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Is this another enforced Democratic Party ideology forum disguised as a science forum?

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As a science forum, we do not aim for any particular political bias. However, if such a bias exists here, it probably leans more to the conservative side than liberal, in my opinion.  That is a judgement call that you should probably make for yourself after having a look around at our threads.


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The terms "conservative" and "liberal" have been so bastardized, no one knows what they stand for anymore.

Take Texas, a very conservative state, constantly threatening to secede from the union, because it is too liberal and wasteful. One big winterspell and they are back in the stone age. that's the conservative approach. Then of course the big rationalization is that green power, this liberal alternative renewable energy plan, is responsible for the collapse of the greatest energy exporting state in the nation.



Texas has a long, proud legacy of exporting energy and energy technology to the rest of the country and the rest of the world, traditionally in the form of natural gas and refined petroleum products.

If that is an example of "conservatism", I call that stupid and short-sighted.

p.s. at current rates of extraction, oil will last only another 40+ years, half a life time. Perhaps Texas might want to consider using its remaining oil reserves in support of switching over to a renewable energy industry and economy.  You know that "progressive" approach to energy conservation.

This is the current estimate of world oil production and reserves.



179,782,386 Energy used today (MWh), of which:
153,040,919- from non-renewable sources (MWh)
27,073,659- from renewable sources (MWh)
1,126,525,367,697 Solar energy striking Earth today (MWh)
36,873,328 Oil pumped today (barrels)
1,481,727,542,355 Oil left (barrels)
15,452 Days to the end of oil (~42 years) !!!!!!!!!!!!
1,090,561,715,710 Natural Gas left (boe)
57,398 Days to the end of natural gas
4,308,421,529,448 Coal left (boe)
148,566 Days to the end of coal
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11 hours ago, write4u said:

The terms "conservative" and "liberal" have been so bastardized, no one knows what they stand for anymore.

In Australia the right wing of the left wing political party (the ones who went into a coalition with the Greens and introduced a carbon tax despite promising the opposite before the election) have recently classified blue collar workers as 'conservatives' and claim the left wing of the left wing political party is in bed with the Greens. So according to them the Russian and Chinese revolutions were conservative revolutions.

Both of the links below refer to a country and a state with conservative governments. While the conservatives have been in power in the UK for around 10 years the South Australian conservative government was elected more recently after the state power system failed during a period of strong winds. Many energy failures occur because wind/solar farms are placed in remote area's for economic reasons and the power distribution networks between them and the main power grid couldn't handle the extra load.




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Keyword: "economic reasons".

How can hundred year plans be concerned with economic reasons when the nation's entire future depends on reliable fundamental services?

When energy development is financed by private investors, economic considerations are usually centered on profit margin and an immediate profitable return on investment. 

All major natural disasters are due to insufficient planning for long term usage and modular expansion along with exponentially increasing usage. 

Professor Albert Bartlett has an excellent lecture on the general ignorance of politicians on the "exponential function" and its long term effects, such as a steady 1% growth generates  a doubling time of 70 years, which means that every seventy years the consumption of energy (anything) will be greater than the total previous consumption in the entire history of energy.

To scientist these are numbers, to the consumers this spells "survival".

I have searched in vain for a current version of this important lecture, which should be a mandatory curriculum in all HS .

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