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Is everything quantized?


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5 minutes ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

It’s more along the lines of a black hole either absorbing some incoming energy-matter and flinging the rest ftl in my model. Although the ones it flings can produce thrust, I.e. fast gravity.

That is interesting.   I have always wondered if ftl can exist in a quantum universe.  Seems that, due to the fact that quantum change does require time, I always wondered if SOL is the fastest possible way for quantum to function and if that is due to some mathematical field restriction.

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This may be of interest, 

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time


An experiment caught a quantum system in the middle of a jump — something the originators of quantum mechanics assumed was impossible.


In these experiments the jumps indeed looked abrupt and random — there was no telling, as the quantum system was monitored, when they would happen, nor any detailed picture of what a jump looked like. The Yale team’s setup, by contrast, allowed them to anticipate when a jump was coming, then zoom in close to examine it. The key to the experiment is the ability to collect just about all of the available information about it, so that none leaks away into the environment before it can be measured. Only then can they follow single jumps in such detail.


Does that mean we experience all of reality 1/2 of the time or 1/2 reality all of the time?
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“Does that mean we experience all of reality 1/2 of the time or 1/2 reality all of the time?”

Rather like the difference between gravity pulling an object a greater distance versus pulling an object over a shorter distance in less time. At the end of the same duration it still travels the same distance. Fast gravity makes up for the enormous energy requirements of antigravity so you can go a long way on just electric power.

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