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Time Travel: Temporal Paradoxed Technology


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I had a idea today about technology and advancement via time travel, the concept is this basically what if someone from the future contacted someone in the past and told them about all the technology of the future then the person in the past wrote their understanding of that technology down on paper then publishing a book about the technology which then in the future gave rise to the technology the person in the future had told the person in the past about. Given that closed time like curve and paradoxical nature in that statement of information what would be the source of the technology? Would it have always been fated to exist in that fashion, did you the person in the future and person in the past create the future of technological advancement by sending the information in the time loop? What are your thoughts on this subject?


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Given my relatively insufficient understanding of quantum physics, I'll respond to this in layman's terms-ish. 

I believe that if something is fated to exist, then it's placement on the space-time continuum is, for the most part irrelevant. Granted, it would be horrible to send blueprints for a fission device back in time to, say, 1890. However, perhaps it's existence at that time would have given mankind the example of it's atrocity earlier, and therefore maybe we learn from the mistake faster. OR.... we make more of them than what we would have had the blueprint not have been delivered, and we vanish in a poof of Strontium 19.

As to the closed-loop/paradoxical nature, where would the information come from, I feel that another source/phenomenon may also be available as a source; quantum tunneling and entanglement. You may not even need time travel for advanced information to be sent to humans. One would only need a wormhole or even a ripple in the space time continuum strong enough to 'tear' spacetime or create an anomaly. Or even just some civilization which happens to have existed close to the event horizon of a black hole would be a sufficient source. Ironically for that last one, the people responsible for sending us said information would also have the ability to see the results of our plight only minutes after they sent said data; years pass for us, while minutes pass for them. Heck, if we perceived their information as an act of war, then chose to attack them for it, they may not even have time to pack and get out of there first. lol

Back to the argument about fated existence though.... if the data were always fated to have existed, and it was sent back in time, even the act of doing so may also create a ripple or tear in the space-time continuum and could force a reset of the loop (universal destruction) or change the fabric of reality for the recipient even before the said information arrives or could be utilized. It may already have happened and all we would perceive about it would be 'Deja vu'. 

I am sure there are a few other reasonable outcomes and modifiers I have not thought of, but this is what my thoughts are so far. I've always loved the discussion of time travel, quantum paradoxes and theory so this is a very interesting thread. I hope we get a lot of serious discussion about this!


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