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Origin of The Universe

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Hello Everyone, new member here and just wanted to share a thought I have had for a few days now regarding the origin of our universe.

Now, according to current theories, it is estimated that trillion and trillions of years from now, the only thing remaining would be black holes and supermassive blackholes that would suck every known celestial objects into it.

Now as we all know about the Big Bang Theory, cant it be that The Big Bang Theory occurred when trillions of years back before our universe existed, there existed another universe, it too had the same ending, and when celestial objects started to be sucked into a supermassive blackhole, they collided, resulting in a huge bang know today as The Big Bang Theory. This will also mean that there might be a slight probability that certain objects did not get sucked, which would then agree with the recent finding of a star that scientists claim to be older than our universe as it might be from a previous universe.

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