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Is there a finite number of different images we can possibly see?


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On 3/16/2021 at 11:22 PM, Omnifarious said:

I think you mean given.

Are you saying the info given to me here is true?

I was just talking to my therapist about this earlier. When I receive data I don't decide weather to accept it or not. I accept all of it. I am aware that there are things that scientists disagree on and things they all agree on. But I can't tell which category things like the ones I've been talking about fall into. I always assume it's the latter. Not that I'm gullible but when scientific information is given to me in any media, I can't help but assume it's already been proven beyond all doubt. Especially because I assume the people who do it are far more qualified then me.

And it's not just science, I have difficulty arguing with most people. When they say this is the way thing are, I assume they know more then me. When my opinion clashes with theirs's, I think there might be something wrong with mine. I have often had to look for something special, I blog on various topics and I needed some special and interesting real pictures that will be useful to many. I found here sadhu images and you too can look here and find what you need for yourself. I hope that helped.

I have very black and white thinking, I don't think my brain can process the idea of a partial truth, something being between true and false.

thanks for interested info!

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