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This maybe a simple or the opposite type of question, what is this , "¹2"?

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13 hours ago, SirHope said:

I came across this math number, "¹2". What does ¹2 mean ?


If it is a proper number, it is merely a value, symbolized as a number, no more no less. All human mathematics are symbolic representation of natural relational values. That's why they work so well.

Everything in the the universe has a relational (relative) value.  Humans have discovered the relationships and symbolized them in a form of shorthand that allows us to understand and communicate the interactions of these values and use them to our own convenience. I's really not very complicated, there are just enormous quantities of values, therein lies the difficulty.

Max Tegmark proposes that, in principle, the entire Universe and its functionality can be explained by some 32 numbers (values) and a handful of universal constants (natural laws), even as the list is not yet complete.

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