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Hi, WildSunflower2 - and welcome to Hypography, by the way.


As to your question, what a biological perspective of energy would be... hmmmm...


Kinda hard to answer, without you elaborating a bit more.


But - faced with what we have for a question, I'd say it would be whatever you'd get in terms of calories from a given food source.


Or you can simplify it even further:


If I eat that yucky slimy snotty green worm, I'd be able to lift a brick 4 feet into the air!


But then, humans have been considering energy down to the atomic level for quite a couple of years, now. And humans certainly qualify as having a biological perspective, don't you think? So - in actual fact, you should expand on your question, ever so slightly!

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There is thermodynamics, nothing more. There is nothing metaphysical about biology - ask a philosopher to cure hemhorroids while his pursues his vocation in that neighborhood.


If it is well behaved in a closed system then equilibrium thermodynamics, dissipation, and entropy. If it is energetic and far from equilibrium or in an open system, then non-equilibrium thermodynamics (Ilya Prigogine) and it spontaneously self-orders while approach to equilibirum can be oscillatory. If it is global rather than local, then the Bekenstein bound on thermodynamics gives you General Relativity.

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Predators constantly weigh the cost vs gain of energy in obtaining prey. Autotrophs orient themselves for maximum absorption. This ability os one of the main driving factors behind nautural selection and gradualism, IMO. Granted there are other factors that drastically alter the equation (sudden environmental shifts, new predator/prey interaction, and of course sex).

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