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The higher the density of the concentration of time substance the faster the perception of it, this is evident from time dilation experiments and astronauts aging slower in space from less time substance caused by less gravity. This is because due to gravity time substance is more concentrated the closer it's measured to the earth. On earth the population would pass through more time substance than the astronauts in space due to gravity pooling the time substance towards the earth.  

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"Under Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity can bend time" What's posted is a very basic logical explanation of what this is an attempt at saying, since gravity comes from 3d objects as a whole and not just one part of them it's considered a pooling.

I don't think this man a fool, I also don't think nuclear weapons are the most destructive conceptions of theirs either.
But what I do know for sure is, the Nth room aftermath is blatant evidence of government corruption of the highest order and in most messed up regard, it's up to the smartest to F*** them off as I'm afraid everyone else is too stupid to be able to.

If somebody/s doesn't do something about this suffering will only continue and get worse. Along with the population, numbers of malicious individuals are increasing and the governments involved this time are South Korean, they have a strong relationship with the west and only a retard would trust the western government after this.

I already didn't since well here's a list + why;
Calendar based on "superman". = primitive
Forcing mental health drugs into people which do in fact in some cases cause extreme pain and permanent disability to individuals. = Corruption

Even if they have a lab, they can't do any reaction tests for unique encounters which are common in everyday life.

And don't think that they don't know any better.

Uninformed or no decision circumcisions. = primitive and corrupt.

Lenient sentences for child pornographers, and paedophiles. = corruption

Lenient sentences for torturers. (What else to you need?)

Abu Ghraib = corruption

Forcing legislation using 5000 page documents in conjunction with from Friday to Monday deadlines with none other than the intellect of Donald Trump. 

So far that's 7 tells the government is corrupted, and this is just the west and no west, outsourcing to South Korea for torture is still unacceptable, nobody with a significant level of smartness is going to believe it's not outsourcing given A, the judicial sentencing, B, the 60,000 perpetrator count and C, these terror acts were broadcast over the internet.


Chinese organ harvesting,

Russian assassinations,

Nuclear pollution, (Russia and Britain.)

Hisashi Ouchi, (A stand out offense)

If I don't get murdered, kidnapped or tortured which is unlikely if I keep going, I could write a book on just how bad the governments are.

We're up to 11 or 12 but I'll continue anyway;

The governments obscene sureness on their rights to cull and/or exterminate other species.

The declining environmental stability.

Persecution of Cannabis users.

Land ownership without having invented any, the earths neutral territory unless somebody can show me someone creating it.

Voting on which gang is in charge and not on the legislation details, proposals and counter proposals themselves. Yes political parties are just embellished gangs, very corrupt ones.

Religious individuals having a say in things they really shouldn't, if someone needs day care enough to worship someone/thing else and can't sort themselves out. Why should they have a say in politics, they'd probably believe these corrupt people spew since they believe in a religion, which is an embellished cult.

Turning penises inside out and claiming the subject is hence forth female.

There's 19 serious government issues.

You know they've covered up the worse of it to avoid losing control.

And to answer a previous question about time's consistency. Time is always there since it's always around so it's usually overlooked but apparently one can use mass to manipulate gravity to manipulate time to an extent.

And if you think these government issues aren't your problem, consider A, they'll get round to you eventually, B, Consider the possibility of reincarnation meaning they'll get you eventually again, and C they could in fact already have your other half hostage and you're unaware.











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