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A Flat Earth Helicopter Experiment


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There is a YouTube video that suppose to show a scientific experiment with a helicopter that proves that the earth is not flat. The experiment shows that the helicopter is vanish when it goes under the horizon which is something that cannot occur on the flat earth:


It looks very impressive, but someone in another YouTube channel noticed something very strange... in two different parts of this video you see the helicopter once when it is under the horizon, and once when its above it, but the frame and the background is exactly the same! Including the birds that are flying there!

Now it's very hard for me to believe that this video is fake, or that they cheated. Can you please look at the frames, and tell me if you can think of any reasonable explanation for that?

Check this out:




What do you think?

Is this cheating?


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Sorry my mistake it's not the horizon, what I meant to say is that although the lake looks flat, it is curved because it's part of a round world. So when the helicopter is about to land on the other side of the lake the water are hiding it.

If the earth was flat, the lake was flat also and we would be able to see the helicopter landing on the other side.

But the main issue in my post is how can it be that two supposedly different times in the video has exactly the same background including the 3 birds that you see there? How do you explain this if this video is real?


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