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I take that back, there's been a lot of contributions. I think Stephen Hawking had insight into someone they don't talk about (BH evaporation isn't a simple matter of particle pair production lol) "his idea" was pre-acceoted within the sci commune from the start under the guise of "QM" under something secretive that has nothing to do with mathematics or the sci method. There is no communal explanation for QM so how could they pre-accept evaporation (which has zero observational data to support)? 

In fact, evap rates for the SMBH do not account for the existence of A2261-BCG & M33, or why some SMBH get ejected from the cores of galaxies, it even ties into DM

I only recognize 2 physicists and 2 engineers (Turing & Tesla) that comprises our modern religion of science & tech. They say Edison invented the bulb and the other robber baron just tortured Elephants, but Tesla invented the light bulb and died broke because of para$itism in which Edison played his part.

String theory, M-Brane theory, Anti-desitter space, anything outside of Newton-Einstein is just speculation made by lesser minds than the only two physicists I recognize. 

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