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Black Hole Information Paradox Comes To A End

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4 hours ago, Mutex said:

Great you said some stuff, was as usual insulting, then you give me some equations that you admit have not been confirmed to be true, and all you had to do was give me the equation from relativity that shows that gravity varies with mass density. But you didn't do that, because you cannot support the claims you are making.

This makes your claims DOGMA.

Why are these things not debatable ? Also, do you not understand that Newtonian gravity is wrong?  You've 'proven' me wrong with a wrong model.. 

We'll done.

So now, when are you going to justify your claims and show some actual understanding? Nice try though.

EDIT: I also know where you are fundamentally have this dissonance, I was hoping you would be able to possibly even identify that, at least you could give a decent argument to refute me. But nothing but what you looked up at the back of some book.

Have it your way, M. This thread is locked and consider this a warning if you wish to continue to post here. We can tolerate people who are wrong but willing to learn but we have very low tolerance for people who are wrong but refuse to learn even when confronted with FACTS.

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