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UFO's and Extraterrestrials- A Serious Discussion.

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The existing thread title is in appropriate for a serious discussion and so a new thread for those who would prefer to be serious about the topic.

If we can't rely on these two for valuable positions on aliens and UFO's, then who can we rely upon. Their opinions on aliens being quite different from the human form is stronger than their beliefs on there being similarities. But neither of them are willing to put down the possibility of the aliens showing a likeness to humans.

Dawkins leans at least somewhat to the possibility of likeness to the human form but not as strongly as the opposite. DeGrasse Tyson seems to be further from the theory on aliens  being similar to the human form and provides reasoning for his theory.

I present this as evidence for my theory on the popular space alien being something that has been generated out of the movie 'Close Encounters'. 

Is it possible to have an intelligent discussion on this forum, without the usual spamming? 

I hope the admins and the moderators can take it upon themselves to use their responsibility to keep this thread on track. If not now for this Science forum, then when?

Opinions please! 

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