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Pasteur vs. Bechamp: An Alternative View of Infectious Disease

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14 hours ago, montgomery said:

[quote], if bacteria caused disease, everyone receiving their first vaccination would expire within 24 hours of inoculation. [/quote]

How can anybody possibly reason with that?

The real value in that post by Thoth is in it serving as an indication of how much his mental illness is tainting his ability to think logically. 

What in the world are you talking about now? Apparently you are confused again Monty. Maybe take the time to learn something if you can. It may be possible you are already in the early stages of dementia due to all the aluminum in your brain.

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14 hours ago, Thoth101 said:

Viral Misconceptions and the True Nature of Viruses


Thoth, you can't continue to try to promote outdated theories that have been proven to be nonsense a hundred years ago or more. We can try to find some common ground on issues such as UFO's and aliens but we can't entertain pure nonsense. 

Do your part and help to get this forum back on track.

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