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A serious discussion?


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That is laughable, you aren't going to be able to overthrow the US Government, it would be like a ant saying he is going to kill a eagle. You would attempt something like that then have a million Homeland Security, Cops, and FBI on your butt so fast that it would make your head spin then depending on what you were trying to do possibly like millions of Secret Service ,CIA, and Military. Russia and China are afraid of the US government, if other superpower nations are afraid of them then what does that say about what they would do to you as one person? I thought this was supposed to be a serious discussion not a fantasy. 


It seems like you want to meet H...


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Overthrowing the US government isn't even mentioned Victor. An awakening of the people is, and then by democratic action, bring back America's democracy to what it apparently was at one time. 

The American people are suffering in so many ways Victor and they're not going to take the abuse forever. But if a fascist state is established then it will take years for democracy to break the hold of fascism and to be re-established.

The American people have been brainwashed into believing they are doing just fine and it's only their own personal shortcomings that holds them down in poverty. It's not, it's the system of greedy capitalism. 

Did you know that America is now 15th. in the world for 'quality of life'?

You can disrupt the discussion Victor but you can't bury the facts. Why do you want to do that?

This might even be a discussion that Thoth can get on board with by turning it into a government conspiracy theory?

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