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A long time ago, I was sick, and I coughed up a large mass of pale yellow goop into the sink (coughed it up, not puked it up, meaning it came from my lungs). I was curious what it was, but had no equipment of any kind with which to perform actual experiments. Regardless, I felt the need to experiment with it somehow; I got some chemicals from under the sink (namely, a solution of polyoxyethanediyl and hydroxynonylphenyl), and began applying differing amounts every day. Eventually, I started adding various concentrations of urine as well (one day that happened to coincide with this experiment, my urine was purple, and I used all of it on the goop). And none of it was in vain; it began to dimly luminesce, and later began growing some kind of red hair (less like the hair you would find on mold, and much more like the hair you would find on one's arm). 

There is likely absolutely no way of knowing with any amount of certainty; but my curiosity has been rampant since. Anybody have any idea what could've happened here?

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